Das Raumschiff

GDR, Neues Leben 1977
Das Raumschiff | GDR, Neues Leben 1977 | Cover: Ruhner, Werner
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Editor: Orthmann, Edwin
Title: Das Raumschiff
Type: Anthology
Country: GDR
Publisher: Berlin: Neues Leben
Date: --/1977
ISBN: ---
Price: M 12.80
Pages: 480
Binding: hardcover
Cover Art: Ruhner, Werner
Note: There are 4 editions. The story of Clifford Simak is a part of the 1st edition 1977 and the 3rd edition 1980 only.
This edition contains the following 1 work by Clifford D. Simak
Der einsame Roboter (All the Traps of Earth, 1960)
- Story
- p. 109-146
- German, translated by: Westermayr, Tony