Фантастични светове, 3/2021
[Fantastichni svetove, 3/2021]

Bulgaria, KFF Solaris 2021
Фантастични светове, 3/2021 | Bulgaria, KFF Solaris 2021
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Title: Фантастични светове, 3/2021
[Fantastichni svetove, 3/2021]
Type: Magazine
Country: Bulgaria
Publisher: Plovdiv: KFF Solaris
Date: 09/2021
Series: Fantastichni svetove, #3
Pages: 212
Binding: paperback
Cover Art:
Note: The magazine is not available in bookstores, but only in science fiction clubs 'Ivan Efremov' - Sofia, 'Solaris' - Plovdiv and 'Arkady and Boris Strugatsky' - Pazardzhik. It can also be ordered through Facebook.
This edition contains the following 1 work by Clifford D. Simak
Операция «Смрадльо» (Operation Stinky, 1957)
[Operatsiya «Smradl’o»]
- Story
- Bulgarian