Unknown Guests
[Three Alien Contact Stories]

USA, Musaicum Books 2020
Unknown Guests | USA, Musaicum Books 2020
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Author: Simak, Clifford D.
Title: Unknown Guests
[Three Alien Contact Stories]
Type: E-Book
Country: USA
Publisher: Musaicum Books
Date: 12/2020
Series: Sci-Fi Classic
Price: $ 0.99
Pages: 216
Binding: file
Cover Art:
Note: Kindle Edition, 1100 KB, ASIN : B08R41BVYX
This edition contains the following 3 works by Clifford D. Simak
Empire (1951)
- Novel
- English
The World That Couldn't Be (1958)
- Story
- English
Hellhounds of the Cosmos (1932)
- Story
- English
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