Поколение, достигшее цели
[Pokoleniye, dostigsheye tseli]

Russia, 2006
Поколение, достигшее цели | Russia, 2006
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Author: Saymak, Klifford
Title: Поколение, достигшее цели
[Pokoleniye, dostigsheye tseli]
Type: Audiobook [Single issue]
Country: Russia
Publisher: Moskva:
Date: 10/2006
Series: Model' dlya sborki
Binding: file
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Note: MP3, 122.3 MB / Running time: 01:40:15 /
Russian radio project. Read by Vlad Kopp. Music by DJ Incognito and DJ Gabovich. Broadcast on Oct 12, 2006 on radio station NRJ
This edition is a single issue of the following work by Clifford D. Simak:
Поколение, достигшее цели (Target Generation, 1953)
[Pokoleniye, dostigsheye tseli]
- Story
- Russian
- Note: read by Vlad Kopp