В мире фантастики
[V mire fantastiki]

Belarus, Uradzhay 2000
В мире фантастики | Belarus, Uradzhay 2000 | Cover: Kolomiyets, Ye. V.
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Editor: Petrovskaya, L.K.
Title: В мире фантастики
[V mire fantastiki]
Type: Anthology
Country: Belarus
Publisher: Minsk: Uradzhay
Date: --/2000
Series: Shkol'naya biblioteka (with the logo «Begunok»)
ISBN: 985-04-0373-Х
Pages: 560
Binding: hardcover
Cover Art: Kolomiyets, Ye. V.
This edition contains the following 2 works by Clifford D. Simak
Кто там, в толще скал? (The Thing in the Stone, 1970)
[Kto tam, v tolshche skal?]
- Story
- p. 477-527
- Russian, translated by: Senin, K.
Изгородь (The Fence, 1952)
- Story
- p. 528-538
- Russian, translated by: Bakanov, Vladimir