Голоса пространства
[Golosa prostranstva]

Russia, Novator 1997
Голоса пространства | Russia, Novator 1997 | Cover: Kaufman, V.
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Editor: Gal, Nora
Title: Голоса пространства
[Golosa prostranstva]
Type: Anthology
Country: Russia
Publisher: Moskva: Novator
Date: --/1997
Series: Biblioteka zarubezhnoy fantastiki (Fantasy & S. Fiction)
ISBN: 5-85862-110-4 / 5-85862-019-1
Pages: 416
Binding: hardcover
Cover Art: Kaufman, V.
Note: Selected foreign science fiction translated by Nora Gal
This edition contains the following 2 works by Clifford D. Simak
Разведка (Skirmish, 1950)
- Story
- p. 155-171
- Russian, translated by: Gal, Nora
Дом Обновлённых (New Folks' Home, 1963)
[Dom Obnovlënnykh]
- Story
- p. 171-189
- Russian, translated by: Gal, Nora