Золотой Век фантастики
[Zolotoy Vek fantastiki]

Russia, Eksmo 2005
Золотой Век фантастики | Russia, Eksmo 2005 | Cover: Youll, Steven
Editor: Golovachëv, Vasiliy
Title: Золотой Век фантастики
[Zolotoy Vek fantastiki]
Type: Omnibus-Anthology
Country: Russia
Publisher: Moskva: Eksmo
Date: --/2005
Series: Shedevry fantastik
ISBN: 5-699-10321-X
Pages: 864
Binding: hardcover
Cover Art: Youll, Steven
This edition contains the following 3 works by Clifford D. Simak
Кто там, в толще скал? (The Thing in the Stone, 1970)
[Kto tam, v tolshche skal?]
- Story
- p. 358-402
- Russian, translated by: Bitov, Oleg
Однажды на Меркурии (Masquerade, 1941)
[Odnazhdy na Merkurii]
- Story
- p. 403-422
- Russian, translated by: Rakhmanova, Nataliya
Что может быть проще времени? (Time is the Simplest Thing, 1961)
[Chto mozhet bytʹ proshche vremeni?]
- Novel
- p. 423-594
- Russian, translated by: Temkin, Grigoriy