Невероятный мир
[Neveroyatnyy mir]

Russia, Infoblits 1992
Невероятный мир | Russia, Infoblits 1992
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Editor: Panasko, Yevgeniy
Title: Невероятный мир
[Neveroyatnyy mir]
Type: Anthology
Country: Russia
Publisher: Cherkessk: Infoblits
Date: --/1992
ISBN: 5-8274-0012-2
Pages: 574
Binding: hardcover
Cover Art:
This edition contains the following 2 works by Clifford D. Simak
Детский сад (Kindergarten, 1953)
[Detskiy sad]
- Story
- p. 265-304
- Russian, translated by: Zhukov, Dmitriy
Что может быть проще времени? (Time is the Simplest Thing, 1961)
[Chto mozhet bytʹ proshche vremeni?]
- Novel
- p. 305-465
- Russian, translated by: Temkin, Grigoriy