Кольцо вокруг Солнца
[Kolʹtso vokrug Solntsa]

USSR, Mir 1982
Кольцо вокруг Солнца | USSR, Mir 1982 | Cover: Soshinskaya, Kira
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Author: Saymak, Klifford
Title: Кольцо вокруг Солнца
[Kolʹtso vokrug Solntsa]
Type: Omnibus-Collection
Country: USSR
Publisher: Moskva: Mir
Date: --/1982
Series: Zarubezhnaya fantastika
Pages: 400
Binding: paperback
Cover Art: Soshinskaya, Kira
Note: With an introduction by E. Parnov
This edition contains the following 7 works by Clifford D. Simak
Кольцо вокруг Солнца (Ring Around the Sun, 1952)
[Kolʹtso vokrug Solntsa]
- Novel
- p. 15-246
- Russian, translated by: Grigoryev, Arkadiy
Достойный противник (Honorable Opponent, 1956)
[Dostoynyy protivnik]
- Story
- p. 247-266
- Russian, translated by: Bitov, Oleg
Поведай мне свои печали (Crying Jag, 1960)
[Poveday mne svoi pechali]
- Story
- p. 267-296
- Russian, translated by: Bitov, Oleg
Разведка (Skirmish, 1950)
- Story
- p. 297-322
- Russian, translated by: Gal, Nora
Изгородь (The Fence, 1952)
- Story
- p. 323-335
- Russian, translated by: Bakanov, Vladimir
Утраченная вечность (Eternity Lost, 1949)
[Utrachennaya vechnostʹ]
- Story
- p. 336-378
- Russian, translated by: Bitov, Oleg
Наблюдатель (The Observer, 1972)
- Story
- p. 379-394
- Russian, translated by: Gvozdiyevskiy, A.
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