Порождения разума
[Porozhdeniya razuma]

Russia, Yugo-Vostok [Fake] 1993
Порождения разума | Russia, Yugo-Vostok [Fake] 1993 | Cover: White, Tim
Author: Saymak, Klifford
Title: Порождения разума
[Porozhdeniya razuma]
Type: Omnibus-Collection
Country: Russia
Publisher: [Moskva / Chelyabinsk]: Yugo-Vostok [Fake]
Date: --/1993
Series: Piratskiy Yugo-Vostok
Pages: 544
Binding: hardcover
Cover Art: White, Tim
Note: This is the edition of the book by the publisher 'Selena' with a fake cover. Allegedly by the publisher 'Yugo-Vostok' ('South-East'). The cover mimics the series 'Fantasy' of the publisher 'Severo-Zapad' (North-West').
This edition contains the following 3 works by Clifford D. Simak
Снова и снова (Time and Again, 1950)
[Snova i snova]
- Novel
- p. 5-206
- Russian, translated by: Khomutov, S.A.
Порождения разума (Out of Their Minds, 1970)
[Porozhdeniya razuma]
- Novel
- p. 207-360
- Russian, translated by: Fanchenko, M.S.
Кукла судьбы (Destiny Doll, 1971)
[Kukla sudʹby]
- Novel
- p. 361-542
- Russian, translated by: Khomutov, S.A.
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Порождения разума (Porozhdeniya razuma, 1993)
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