Imperi Galattici

Italy, Fanucci 1978
Imperi Galattici | Italy, Fanucci 1978 | Cover: Frazetta, Frank
Editor: Aldiss, Brian W.
Title: Imperi Galattici
Type: Anthology
Country: Italy
Publisher: Roma: Fanucci
Date: 11/1978
Series: Enciclopedia della Fantascienza 3
Price: L 9500
Pages: 626
Binding: hardcover
Cover Art: Frazetta, Frank
Note: Italian edition of 'Galactic Empires' (Vol 1 and 2)
This edition contains the following 1 work by Clifford D. Simak
Immigrante (Immigrant, 1954)
- Story
- p. 249-311*
- Italian, translated by: Rambelli, Roberta