[Bōkyaku no wakusei]

Japan, Hayakawa bunko 1978
忘却の惑星 | Japan, Hayakawa bunko 1978 | Cover: Nakahara, Osamu
Editor: U~oruhaimu, Donarudo A / Kā, Terī (Wollheim, Donald A. / Carr, Terry)
Title: 忘却の惑星
[Bōkyaku no wakusei]
Type: Anthology
Country: Japan
Publisher: Tokyo: Hayakawa bunko
Date: 04/1978
Series: SF 285
ISBN: 4150102856
Pages: 444
Binding: paperback
Cover Art: Nakahara, Osamu
Note: Japanese translation of the anthology 'The World's Best Science Fiction 1966'
This edition contains the following 1 work by Clifford D. Simak
河を渡って木立をぬけて (Over the River and Trough the Woods, 1965)
[Kawa o watatte kodachi o nukete]
- Story
- Japanese, translated by: Fukamachi, Mariko