Kaukų draustinis

Lithuania, Eridanas 2007
Kaukų draustinis | Lithuania, Eridanas 2007
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Author: Simak, Clifford D.
Title: Kaukų draustinis
Type: Omnibus-Collection
Country: Lithuania
Publisher: Kaunas: Eridanas
Date: --/2007
Series: J.R.R. Tolkieno mokiniai, tomas 8
ISBN: 978-9986-97-183-2
Pages: 344
Binding: hardcover
Cover Art:
This edition contains the following 2 works by Clifford D. Simak
Talismano brolija (The Fellowship of the Talisman, 1978)
- Novel
- Lithuanian, translated by: Korolkovaitė, Jolanta
Kaukų draustinis (The Goblin Reservation, 1968)
- Novel
- Lithuanian, translated by: Aleksonis, Gintaras
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