Всичко живо е трева
[Vsichko zhivo e treva]

Bulgaria, Narodna Kultura 1975
Всичко живо е трева | Bulgaria, Narodna Kultura 1975
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Author: Saĭmŭk, Klifŭrd
Title: Всичко живо е трева
[Vsichko zhivo e treva]
Type: Novel [Single issue]
Country: Bulgaria
Publisher: Sofiya: Narodna Kultura
Date: --/1975
Series: Biblioteka Panorama, №28
Price: лв 1.50
Pages: 360
Binding: ?
Cover Art:
Note: With an introduction by Khristo Kŭnev
This edition is a single issue of the following work by Clifford D. Simak:
Всичко живо е трева (All Flesh is Grass, 1965)
[Vsichko zhivo e treva]
- Novel
- Bulgarian, translated by: Georgieva, Zhechka / Lafchieva, Radka