Worlds Without End

Story, first published: Future Science Fiction #31, Winter 1956/57

"Worlds Without End" ... is an adventure story, a power struggle among unions or guilds who make up a government by committee (the most powerful guild provides century-long dreams for those in suspended animation).

Ewald, Robert J.: When the Fires Burn High and the Wind is from the North, p.69

"Worlds Without End" (1956) combines the spy thriller form, with science fiction. It has a bit of mystery, elements which are eventually explained. Simak has fun, coming up with science fictional versions of spy thriller paradigms, such as loyalty to dueling countries, or different teams of supporters (they include robots here). Such science fictional variants of modern day institutions, remind readers that human society is going to change: a key theme of science fiction. "Worlds Without End" also continues Simak's interest in computer-aided writing. The two story-creators in the tale, George and Herb, echo the zany pair of Hollywood scriptwriters in the 1930's satirical play and film "Boy Meets Girl", co-written by Samuel Spewack.

Grost, Michael E.: Visitors From Science Fiction