The Asteroid of Gold

Story, first published: Wonder Stories, Nov. 1932

The brothers Vince and Vernon Drake, space miners, have found an asteroid that is almost riddled with gold. Unfortunately, their work has been observed by the notorious space pirate Max Robinson, who lands, captures them, and takes their gold.
Robinson, who is a sneering sadist, announces that since he has done so many wicked things in his life, he will atone by sparing the Drakes. Instead of killing them, he will abandon them with three tanks of oxygen on the asteroid, with their ship in full sight on another asteroid. Max Robinson hopes that the Drakes will fight to the death over the third tank.
The brothers attack Robinson, fracturing his spine, but he survives and flies away.
Luck looks kindly on the Drakes. Thanks to a collision with a third body, the asteroid with their spaceship will collide with the asteroid that they are on. They survive and regain their vessel-but not their gold.

Bleiler, Everett F.: Science-Fiction - The Gernsback Years, p.382