(no SF)

Poem, first published: The Fig-leaf, Dec. 1922

This is Clifford Simak's first known literary attempt. The poem "Jazz" here in full length:


Dancing madly,
Whirling gladly,
‘Neath electric arks,
Stepping, stopping,
Prancing, hopping,
As the sax’phone barks,
Skipping, slipping,
Toeing, tripping,
Thru the rushing throng,
Dancing, sliding,
Smoothly gliding,
To the beat of bell and gong.
Jungle madness,
Orient sadness,
Hearts that wildly beat,
Shoulders flashing,
Passions clashing,
Whispers, indiscrete,
Pulses pounding,
Sane tho’ts drowning
As trombones loudly bla-a-s
Hot lips a quiver,
Reason a flivver,
In the land of jazz.

Clifford D. Simak: Clifford Simak Fan Group, supplied by Phil Stephensen-Payne