Time is the Simplest Thing

aka The Fisherman

Novel, first published: Analog Science Fact + Fiction, April-July 1961 as The Fisherman

Blaine is an explorer for Fishhook, an organization that brings back commodities from the stars and is systematically destroying capitalism for its own self-interest. Since Blaine has "gone alien" and acquired more advanced psi powers, Fishhook wants to eliminate him, but Blaine throws in with the "parries", hort for paranormal human beings, who are fighting for their lives against the witch hunts of the "normals". The rest of the novel is the story of Blaine's efforts to escape and defeat Fishhook, who wants to maintain a monopoly on paranormal powers, and his involvement with the parry movement to advance all of humanity. The paranormals are themselves divided into those who want to start over with a pastoral paradise somewhere among the stars and those who only see "evil in the stars". Blaine comes up with a solution; the parries can go, body and mind, to other planets and start their own Edens, making Fishhook obsolete.

Ewald, Robert J.: When the Fires Burn High and the Wind is from the North, p.77-78