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23 » Luca Baumer from Legnano (Italy)
Dear Ralf, I just discovered your website, and I want to congratulate for both the dedication you show and your programming style. This site is really complete, functional, and pleasant!
Since I do not see it in the "Sources" page, I would recommend that, for Italian translations, you check every now and then the collectors' website: it is still less complete than the "monster" Catalogo Vegetti, but it is alive, while the latter (unfortunately) cannot be updated any more.
PS: as next extension of your website, would you consider the addition of secondary bibliography (the books and articles about Cliff and his work, rather than those written by him)?
Again my compliments - Luca (AKA fantagufo)
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Comment: Hello Luca,
Thanks for the compliments. On the "sources" page I could specify only the most important sources. Of course I know your side and I have also checked there all releases from Clifford Simak and taken some data from there.
A bibliography of secondary literature I'd like to do, but unfortunately I did not have time to.

22 » Ken Horn from Madison
I've been collecting and reading Simak's work for over 35 years now and he is still one of my favorite SF authors. I like the small town heroes, the dogs, and the usually optimistic themes in his stories. I also like the humor in his SF stories and enjoy his style of writing and find it very easy to read. Gravatar of Ken Horn

21 » Bick from Auckland
A quick note to say "hi" and give my appreciation for this site - I refer to it a lot. I usually post over on the SFF Chronicles forum, where I started a big Simak thread. The webmaster here will know who I am! Feel free to come over to the forum, its a friendly lot and quite a few Simak fans hang out there. Gravatar of Bick
Comment: Thank you Bick, for your entry. Of course I know who you are! Your thread in the SFF Chronicles Forum is great - it is now the longest thread in the "Classic SF & F" forum!

I've added in your post the link to your forum thread. (Because of the many spam unfortunately I had to forbid the users to put themselves links.)

20 » teron

Simak's Russian films
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Comment: Thank Teron for the info and the link. I already consider also to include movies in the bibliography. But that will take a while.

19 » Ralf (Webmaster) from Potsdam
The ability to specify a home page in the guestbook entry, I have now removed (as well as ICQ, AIM, FB and Twitter) because the spam has become rampant. My guess is that the guestbook for the spammers is only interesting if they can post a link.
Die Möglichkeit, beim Gästebucheintrag eine Homepage anzugeben, habe ich nun entfernt (ebenso ICQ, AIM, FB und Twitter), weil der Spam überhand genommen hat. Meine Vermutung ist, dass das Gästebuch für die Spammer nur interessant ist, wenn sie einen Link posten können.
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18 » Jens from Potsdam
Jetzt fehlt nur noch eine ordentliche FB-Fanseite für dieses tolle Simak-Projekt. Weiter so .... Gravatar of Jens
Comment: Hi Jens, Du kennst ja meine FB-Abneigung. Kannst aber gerne eine Fanseite dort anlegen und betreuen.

17 » Jef Powers from Folly Beach, SC
Thank you! for this site. My appreciation of Simak boarders on fanatical. Gravatar of Jef Powers

16 » John Marshall
How great to discover this website!
I love Clifford Simak, am pushing friends to reread his wonderful work. I got to introduce Mr. Simak at a jr high career day back in the 60's. His work seems more powerful than ever in a world of overblown production values & has deep insight into the Midwestern character. Thank you for doing this work!

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15 » Carter Moody from Nashville
Discovered Clifford Simak the year I joined the Science Fiction Book Club at age 15, around late 1973-early 1974, in the U.S. I lived in a rural, quiet setting not far from a small town, between large farms where I had permission to roam (and read) for hours. Simak's descriptions of nature, together with speculations about humanity's role in the universe, were perfect for the place, the time (shortly after the moon landings) and for my youthful curiosity.
I often wished I'd written a note to thank him for his work. Thanks for keeping the Bibliography and themes of his work alive for old and new audiences to see.
Gravatar of Carter Moody
Comment: Thank you for entry and for your appreciation of my work.
We must be nearly the same age, I was born in 1958 and I have read my first story of Clifford Simak at the age of 14 years, around 1972. The Story was "Limiting Factor".

14 » Steffi from Berlin

Hallo Papa,

Wow, toll was du da auf die Beine gestellt hast! Und das 'nur' als Hobby!
Ich bin sehr stolz auf dich!

Deine Tochter
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