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32 » Stathios
Das ist eine tolle Seite! Gravatar of Stathios

31 » J. Fernandez-Caro from Cadiz, Spain
This is just a quick message to thank you for such an AMAZING work. I am currently finishing my Ph. D. dissertation on Simak (I believe one of the first), and I can't find this web more useful than I do. May more readers get enchanted by this unique Simakian style! Gravatar of J. Fernandez-Caro
Comment: Hello, J., good to hear from you. I think it's wonderful that there will soon be a dissertation about Clifford Simak.

30 » Ivaylo Stoev from Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria
Hello Ralf,

Just to let you know that there's new edition (4th) of 'City' in Bulgarian. Link to the publisher:

The following information is for your Details frame:

Author: Saĭmŭk, Klifŭrd
Title: Градът [Gradŭt]
Type: Fixup novel [Single issue]
Country: Bulgaria
Publisher: Sofiya: Bard
Date: 02/04/2018 ---> (Apr 2)
ISBN: 978-954-655-834-3
Price: лв 17.99
Pages: 320
Binding: paperback
Cover Art:

This edition is a single issue of the following work by Clifford D. Simak:

Градът (City, 1952)
- Fixup novel
- Bulgarian, translated by: Mechkova, Ivanka

Please note that this edition includes Chapter #9: "Epilog" (first time published in a book, the other publication of "Epilog" was in "Тера фантастика, 2011,бр. 13" magazine.

The translators of the book are:
Chapters 1-8: Иванка Мечкова (Ivanka Mechkova)
Chapter 9: Венцислав Божилов (Ventzislav Bozhilov)

Here it is direct link of book cover image in high resolution: b8d27136e95/g/r/gradat-saymak.jpg

I hope I've been of some help.

Gravatar of Ivaylo Stoev
Comment: Hello, Ivaylo,
thank you for this information. I haven't been able to update the site for a long time. But I think I will in the next few days.

29 » Ivaylo from Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria
Hello Ralf,

Here it is direct link of book cover image ('The Goblin Reservation', Bulgarian, 4th edition) in high resolution: b8d27136e95/r/e/rezervatat-na-talasamite_1.jpg

Gravatar of Ivaylo
Comment: Thank you. The guestbook software had a problem with long links and with the https prefix. So I had to change something in the settings and change your link slightly.

28 » Ivaylo from Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

Just to let you know that there's upcoming edition (4th) of 'The Goblin Reservation' in Bulgarian. Link to the publisher:

The following information is for your Details frame:

Author: Saĭmŭk, Klifŭrd
Title: Резерватът на таласъмите [Rezervatŭt na talasŭmite]
Type: Novel [Single issue]
Country: Bulgaria
Publisher: Sofiya: Bard
Date: 15/05/2017
ISBN: 978-954-655-691-2
Price: лв 16.99
Pages: 256
Binding: paperback
Cover Art:

This edition is a single issue of the following work by Clifford D. Simak:

Резерватът на таласъмите (The Goblin Reservation, 1968)
[Rezervatŭt na talasŭmite]
- Novel
- Bulgarian, translated by: Rudinska, Zhivka

I hope I've been of some help.

Ivaylo Stoev
Gravatar of Ivaylo
Comment: Hello Ivaylo,
Thanks for this information. There will be an update in the next days. I would have overlooked this new Bulgarian edition, but now it can be considered.

27 » Scott Henderson from Demorestville, Ontario, Canada

Love your site. I've been updating my site so I thought I would pass on a couple bits of information.

Strangers No More: Tales of Alien Life by Science Fiction Masters, Dover Publications, February 15, 2017 will contain the story "The World That Couldn' Be".

The short story "Honorable Opponent" appeared in "Future Wars . . . and Other Punchlines", BAEN, September 1, 2015. Here's a link at Amazon for paperback and kindle versions:

Keep up the great work!
Gravatar of Scott Henderson
Comment: Hello Scott,
Thank you for this information. I will take this into consideration with the next update coming soon.
I like your site very much, too. I never forget that your bibliography was a pioneer work that gave me the courage to start with my own project.

26 » Ivaylo from Blagoevgrad
Hi, just to correct a short story name, which is in Bulgarian:

_Unknown Original Story was released in Bulgarian in
the following 1 Edition:

Девет живота [Devet zhivota]
Polyusi 1993

as: Възпитателите [Vŭzpitatelite]
Bulgarian, translated by: Martincheva, Mariya
in: Rondoliev, Georgi (ed.):

'_Unknown Original Story' SHOULD BE 'The Sitters', 1958

Hope I've been of some help.
Gravatar of Ivaylo
Comment: Hello Ivaylo,
thank you very much for this information. With the next update (probably in December), I will clarify the entry in the bibliography.

25 » Dave Wixon from Apple Valley Minnesota USA
Yes, I regretted not getting back to Chronicles; but between the work I had to do on the Simak Collection project, and the fact that, unable to join Chronicles through my AOL e-mail account, I could only comments via my work computer -- which was difficult and frowned upon -- I just couldn't manage it. But I've now set up an e-mail account on Google, and I hope to get back to the Chronicles Simak thread from that -- if only I get figure out how to post comments (I keep getting an error message when I try to do that...).
Good to be in touch again!
Gravatar of Dave Wixon
Comment: Meanwhile, Dave has successfully returned to the Forum. This can be followed here: SFF Chronicles Forum, Simak thread, page 18

24 » Dave Wixon from Apple Valley Minnesota USA
Hello Ralf! You may remember me from my brief time in the Chronicles discussion group? It was not my idea to drop out of that group, but I became very busy working on the Simak collection project -- and when I got back to the group, I could not seem to post any comments... I guess I just don't know how that kind of thing works...
I'm still working on the Simak collection project, but I thought I'd say hello, and that I hope you are well. Please give me regards to the Simak fan groups, too.
Dave Wixon
Gravatar of Dave Wixon
Comment: Hi Dave,
Of course I can remember. We have been waiting in the Forum at sff chronicles on you.
I am glad that You have time personally want to report to my guestbook. I thank you for your great work on the project "Complete Short Fiction of Clifford D. Simak". I hope that it will be completed, so that all stories of Clifford Simak will be available simultaneously for the first time in history. And I also hope that all the volumes will eventually appear in print.

23 » Luca Baumer from Legnano (Italy)
Dear Ralf, I just discovered your website, and I want to congratulate for both the dedication you show and your programming style. This site is really complete, functional, and pleasant!
Since I do not see it in the "Sources" page, I would recommend that, for Italian translations, you check every now and then the collectors' website: it is still less complete than the "monster" Catalogo Vegetti, but it is alive, while the latter (unfortunately) cannot be updated any more.
PS: as next extension of your website, would you consider the addition of secondary bibliography (the books and articles about Cliff and his work, rather than those written by him)?
Again my compliments - Luca (AKA fantagufo)
Gravatar of Luca Baumer
Comment: Hello Luca,
Thanks for the compliments. On the "sources" page I could specify only the most important sources. Of course I know your side and I have also checked there all releases from Clifford Simak and taken some data from there.
A bibliography of secondary literature I'd like to do, but unfortunately I did not have time to.
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