Пересадочная станция
[Peresadochnaya stantsiya]

Russia, Eksmo / LitRes 2011
Пересадочная станция | Russia, Eksmo / LitRes 2011 | Cover: Moore, Chris
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Author: Saymak, Klifford
Title: Пересадочная станция
[Peresadochnaya stantsiya]
Type: E-Book [Single issue]
Country: Russia
Publisher: Moskva: Eksmo / LitRes
Date: 12/2011
ISBN: 978-5-699-30644-2
Price: 89.90 руб.
Pages: 230
Binding: file
Cover Art: Moore, Chris
Note: Ozon ID 28273181
This edition is a single issue of the following work by Clifford D. Simak:
Пересадочная станция (Way Station, 1963)
[Peresadochnaya stantsiya]
- Novel
- Russian, translated by: Korzhenevskiy, Aleksandr